Dr. Mark Steinberg, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Steinberg has been a Bellingham Naturopath for 30 years.

Naturopathic Medicine is a system of health care that utilizes the inherent healing power of Nature, including each individual’s ability to heal themselves.

A Naturopathic Physician (N.D.) is a general practitioner trained in the practice of Natural Medicine. Most insurance companies will cover our services.

“Wholeness or health is our natural state. The nature of healing involves removing obstructions to this natural state and bringing individuals into alignment with themselves and their world. “Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

The Principles of Natural Healing

The Naturopathic Physician will follow the principles of natural healing, which include the following:

  • Use the body’s own ability to heal itself.
  • Use the least invasive therapies in an attempt to eliminate the need for potentially harmful drugs or surgery.
  • Individualize treatment recognizing the emotional and biochemical differences in us all.
  • Identify and treat the cause, not just the symptoms.
  • Prevention is the best treatment.

Naturopathic Physicians consult with all other health practitioners and will refer for treatment or diagnostic procedures when appropriate.