Insurance Coverage for Naturopath

by kathryn on March 23, 2012

Washington State Law requires that all health plans regulated by the State cover services of a naturopath for the treatment of conditions within the scope of that profession.   Those insurance companies regulated by the State include Regence, Group Health, HMA and Premera.  Each health plan has different provisions for this coverage.   Most, however, cover Dr. Steinberg at the same rate as a family practice doctor.  If you have questions about coverage, you can call the insurance company directly or our office.

Coverage is determined in part by whether a doctor is “In or Out-of-Network.”  Dr. Steinberg is a contracted “In-Network” provider with Aetna, Cigna, Group Health, HMA, Premera and Regence.  While he is “In-Network,” it is an individual’s plan that will determine the scope of coverage.

Washington State Law does not apply to self-insured employers, such as Boeing, Microsoft, or to out-of-state employers or government-funded programs.  Employees of these companies do not necessarily, but may have, naturopathic services covered.  Again questions about coverage in these areas must be directed exclusively to the insurance carrier.

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