Benefits of Vitamin D

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Winter is approaching in the Northwest.  You probably should be increasing your Vitamin D. My typical recommendation for most adults without any serious health concerns would be to take 2,000 I.U.’s of Vitamin D most days in the summer and … Read More


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Every day I have the conversation with my patients about eating “real foods.”  I mean as close to nature as possible.  Organic fruits and vegetables with non-hormonal grass-fed meat and free-range chicken.  Eggs from chickens that do not spend their … Read More

Spring Topic – Nettles

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One of the best foods in the spring are nettles.  Yes, they are the plant that can sting you and cause welts.  If you pick them with gloves, when they are young or just the new growth throughout the year, … Read More

Artificial Sweeteners

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As many of you know I am continually touting “real” foods.  All artificial sweeteners, note the name, do not fit into this category.  There are problems with all artificial sweeteners, especially going back to the oldest of the artificial sweeteners, … Read More

Genetically Modified Foods

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What are Genetically Modified Foods and why are they bad for you? Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) are foods, like soy, corn and alfalfa that have had different viruses introduced into their genetic codes to create a variety of aspects like … Read More

Insurance Coverage for Naturopath

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Washington State Law requires that all health plans regulated by the State cover services of a naturopath for the treatment of conditions within the scope of that profession.   Those insurance companies regulated by the State include Regence, Group Health, HMA … Read More

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