The types of therapies commonly used include the following:

glass bowl with medical supplements

Clinical Nutrition/Vitamin & Mineral Therapy

The basics of good health start with good food and clean water. Nutritional supplements to obtain optimal health prevent and treat diseases are often a critical component of therapy.

Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Ardern-Wilson use a combination of methods including plant and botanical medicinals


Botanical Medicine

The utilization of plants for healing. Plants are Nature’s medicines that have been used for thousands of years. Recent scientific advancements in this field have created a wider variety of plant products with enhanced healing activity.

Counseling & Stress Management

Mental attitudes and the emotional state are extremely important in the healing process. Naturopathic Physicians are trained in a variety of therapies to help their patients heal on the psychological level.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy involves gentle manipulation of the bones of the skull. This is done by following the natural rhythm of the Central Nervous System, which can help relieve pain and induce relaxation. Some conditions that can be treated with Craniosacral include migraines, vertigo, TMJ syndrome, chronic pain and anxiety.

Homeopathic Medicine

The utilization of very small amounts of a variety of natural products to strengthen the body’s innate healing response. This therapy seems to work on the subtle electromagnetic forces of the body.