The following are some of the services provided by Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Jessica Ardern-Wilson.

Physical Exams

As primary care providers we perform wellness exams for patients of all ages. Wellness exams include general screening for acute and chronic conditions, annual blood work and urine analysis, pediatric exams for infants and school-age children and female annual exams including HPV and STI testing. Specialized exams can also be performed including sports physicals and skin cancer screening.

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Laboratory Testing

Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Jess Ardern-Wilson regularly request a blood evaluation on most new patients in order to help evaluate their internal organ function. These tests are very similar to what many medical doctors utilize but with a much more comprehensive interpretation which will include a personalized handout to take home.

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Menopausal Treatment

The first thing to remember when experiencing menopause is that all women go through it, and while it may be a natural biological process, that does not mean women need to suffer.

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Allergy Evaluation

This may include blood allergy testing, a food elimination diet, or just a thorough patient history.

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Weight Loss Program

We can design a weight loss program to safely meet the needs of each individual. Approaches may include specific nutrients, optimizing thyroid function, diet and lifestyle recommendations and if needed, medical foods like high-quality protein drinks, can be incorporated as part of an overall program.


Autism and Asperger’s Treatments

Dr. Steinberg has been trained by the “Defeat Autism Now” group and can order special testing and use nutritional and biochemical approaches to support this population.

Diabetes Treatment

Dr. Steinberg has been an Insulin dependent Diabetic for almost 50 years and has learned how to maintain health and prevent and treat complications with diet, exercise, and proper nutritional support.

Pharmaceutical Agents

Dr. Steinberg can prescribe and manage most medications if any are deemed necessary. Some health problems may require a combination of natural products as well as pharmaceutical agents.

Speaker Services

I will gladly offer my services as a speaker for interested organizations. It is my belief that a doctor should also be an educator in private practice as well as in the community.